CryptosKey Project Information

CKDFI is the DEFI key to information sharing. CryptosKey will be the information platform for sharing crypto-related information. All who join the community can share the information and stake their tokens to earn and learn. Our ultimate goal is to make a knowledgeable crypto community with CKDFI.

When it comes to information sharing, the community is the most important part of the project. Total Project is dependent on community requirements and their thinking. From time to time we will gather ideas and thoughts about the information sharing of crypto. based on their thoughts we will decide the platform requirements. if you have any specific idea. feel free to reach us through email. [email protected]

As the basic step of the long journey, We have introduced Cryptoskey Academy and News Platform. Next, we are planning to introduce a Crypto learning forum to build a better discussion about crypto with the CKDFI community. The best things will comes out through the discussions.

We are willing to have partnerships with good information-sharing projects and platforms in the crypto. Having a partnership with good projects or investors will be one of a destination of the CryptosKey project.

We believe, The more you learn will be the more you earn. Ultimately we will introduce the next level of earn and learn platform to the crypto community. This is the start of the long journey. we invite you to Gather with CKDFI to make a better output.

CKDFI – Cryptoskey DEFI

In order to raise the funds and making the Learn and earn base, we are introducing CKDFI – Cryptoskey DEFI token to the Crypto World. we will raise the funds for the project through Initial Token Offers and we have allocated 10% of the token share for the future uses of the project. The Earning base of the Earn and Learn Platform will be the CKDFI token.

The rapidly developing world is reaching out to use cryptocurrency in the real world. Trading will not be a only thing in front of the crypto. in the future, crypto will be everywhere and in everyone’s hands. When starting investing or using the crypto currency people should have good knowledge about front and back about the crypto. the main reason we are here as an information-sharing partner or platform, We are willing to see the knowledgeable crypto community in the future world.

Why CKDFI on Binance Chain

Binance is the most trusted and secure word among the crypto community. Binance Smart Chain Introduces the lowest cost and secure and visible payment method to the world. we are all well aware that the Ethereum network has been charging ludicrous gas fees. Too many transactions on the network have caused the network to fail on its trusted investors, due to being too inefficient. Binance Smart chain is executing all transactions smoothly and efficiently with the lowest fees.


CKDFI will be listed in the Pancake swap on 28th of March 2021

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange running on Binance Smart Chain, with lots of other features that let you earn and win tokens. It’s fast, cheap, and anyone can use it. CKDFI Trading will be open in the Pancakeswap On the 28th of march. You will connect your crypto wallet to Binance Smart Chain, add the CKDFI contract address and you’re good to go!

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